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Gateway Films have signed Ben Kingsley to play Shah of Iran


Sir Ben Kingsley is going to play the role of the Shah of Iran in what is set to be an undoubted worldwide blockbuster, about backstory that led to the Islamic Revolution and hostage crisis at the US embassy in 1979.

Gateway Films, the fastest growing Independent film company in the UK, are the company behind the film and have achieved a massive coup in signing up Ben Kingsley for the role. Terry Stone, of Gateway Films says in reference to Kingsley´s portrayal of the Indian pacifist and politician M K Gandhi.

“To get Gandhi to play Shah, that is great. All our other efforts need to match that ………. It is uncanny, but he even looks like the Shah.”

Terry also comments that there is a need for an Oscar winning director. “We need someone A-rated to work with Sir Kingsley,” and are looking for a director with experience in directing historical dramas.

It is hoped that the film will provide a larger voice to the Iranian cause and offer a more balanced account of events, compared to that of Ben Affleck’s film Argo. In January, the Iranian government said it would back a big- budget movie by a local movie- maker to correct the alleged misconceptions floated by Argo and hope to do this through the movie The General Staff. However due to the experience offered by Gateway Films and Ben Kingsley´s presence, this film should bring more international exposure and has already made it into theIranian press.

Also another major backing from the Iranian government is the fact that they are allowing Gateway Films to film inside the Shah´s palace, the first time anyone has been allowed to do so. Producer Michelle Nicholson, said, “To be able to shoot there will provide that authenticity and personal touch that I would like in the movie,”

As well as the Shah of Iran, Gateway Films are also producing a number of new and exciting films this year. They are currently working with investment firm The Wealth Advisoryto raise the funds fortheir films and offer individual investors the opportunity to be involved in the film industry and Gateway´s continued success.

Terry Stone comments, “I am excited about the new relationship we have in place with The Wealth Advisory. With our combined expertise we plan on producing exciting and successful films both for the investors involved and for the film fans themselves”

2014 therefore looks like another interesting and exciting year for Gateway Films; we look forward to seeing what else they produce.