An independent investment advisory firm with offices in Estepona, Spain.

We have built a loyal client-base by sourcing unique investment opportunities that carry lower risks and higher-level benefits. Products are identified, researched and, following a thorough due diligence process, are presented to clients whose investment requirements match the specific characteristics of the opportunity. Our team always endeavors to source product that provides compelling returns, not available via traditional investment routes.

The Wealth Advisory team comprises a selection of key wealth advisors whose assembled experience lends an invaluable perspective for the evaluation of new investments. Only with this kind of consolidated approach can an investment be considered in terms of the short, medium or longterm rewards that it has the potential to provide. It is our professional, logical approach to alternative investments, combined with a keen understanding of our clients' specific directive that has aided the provision of high investor returns.

The Wealth Advisory has been formed to offer pro-active investment solutions that suit today's financial climate. The global economic crisis of recent years has seen low-performing or negative returns from traditional asset classes and has therefore demonstrated a need for alternatives that have independent market-response behaviour and that offer some protection against rising rates of inflation.


David Martin is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of The Wealth Advisory. Having graduated from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Cambridge, David has pursued a career at Senior level in positions such as Investment Consultant, Investment Manager and Sales Director. David's dual-nationality (British/Czech) provided good insight to savvy real estate investments in Eastern Europe which subsequently developed into an ability to identify key opportunities in the BRIC markets.


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